New Year's Fireworks, 2007

The Elms Leigh

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  • Makes no difference for New Years, you don’t do them the day before if the forecast isn’t great or the day after if it’s wet.

    By Audie Philip (31/03/2016)
  • New Year, you get things throughout the evening but obviously the focus is on one day at midnight. Guy Fawkes, starts as soon as it gets dark but it also depends on the weather and the day of the week it falls. This year the 5th is on a saturday, you’ll get some stuff on friday but if the weather is good it will be from as soon as it gets dark with a peak a few hours later but going on for much longer than that on the night. If it rains saturday it can be put off until sunday.

    By A. Philip (29/03/2016)
  • Good thinking! I was primarily thinking about the weather. Is Guy Fawkes likely to be damper, and New Year’s colder and crisper? And would the sounds therefore travel further on New Year’s? Probably not, judging from recent wet and mild Decembers!

    By Sarah-Joy Maddeaux (30/03/2016)
  • Thank you! I wonder if New Year’s Day fireworks sound different to Bonfire Night fireworks?

    By Sarah-Joy Maddeaux (29/03/2016)

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