Mixed Martial Arts competition, Civic Hall, Grays, 2016

MMA contest inside 'the cage'
Stuart Bowditch
MMA contest inside 'the cage'
Stuart Bowditch

Grays Civic Centre

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  • 14th Feb 1967, you can find the flyer and ads for it easily enough and there is also a professionally shot film of The Experience at Chelmsford Corn Exchange, easy enough to find on Youtube and lots about it, recollections etc on the Chelmsford Rocks site.

    By TheDim Locator (04/11/2016)
  • Thanks!

    By Sarah-Joy Maddeaux (07/11/2016)
  • Do you know when roughly that might have been?

    By Sarah-Joy Maddeaux (03/11/2016)
  • I used to work with a woman who had her College dance there, The Jimi Hendrix Experience played.

    By TheDim Locator (03/11/2016)

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