Kistrucks Bakery, 2017

Andy Popperwell
Andy Popperwell
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George Lane South Woodford

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  • Thank you for your comment, Frankie. As you can see from this post, sadly Kistrucks has now closed ( Perhaps listening to these accounts from former staff will bring back some more memories for you.

    By Sarah-Joy Maddeaux (23/07/2018)
  • HELLO FROM Queensland Australia. I am writing because i woke this morning with the word Kistrucks strong in my mi d.
    As i woke more i remembered it was a shop from my childhood but not sure what shop. Google helped my memory.
    I am not a psychic or anything but the word in my head was so strong i do hope everyone connected with kistrucks is ok.
    As a little girl i used to walk to Kistrucks in Georges Lane with my mother. We lived in Beechwood Park. I am positive it was more than 65 years ago as we moved when i was 7 so it was69 years or more ago. I know we got a treat there but i cant remember what. Please let me know any news.

    By Frankie Haley (22/07/2018)

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