16mm No 1, 2016

Holger Ellgaard

The Old Waterworks

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  • Fair point – I’ll have to watch all of it before I make a judgement! These few minutes made the main character seem intolerable, though.

    By Sarah-Joy Maddeaux (17/08/2016)
  • Oh, it deserves better than that. I was seeing it for the first time, no prior knowledge other than Powell and Pressburg and thoroughly enjoyed it. You know exactly where it’s going from the start but it remains engaging all the same. Of course it’s of its time, it’s 70 years old but in time, maybe not that long you’ll look at something like “The West Wing” and think it looks and sounds ancient but if the story stands up that, of its timeness, might just add to the charm, like the clatter of the projector and the particular sound of the monitor speaker.

    By Audie Philip (16/08/2016)
  • I love this! I’m fairly certain I do not want to see this film, though. Definitely of its time!

    By Sarah-Joy Maddeaux (15/08/2016)

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